Dear President of Armenia!

Distinguished guests, colleagues at the party!                                                                                                     

I did not prepared deployed and long speech. In my speech, I will focus on some fundamental issues that will give answers to basic questions, which are now addressed to "Prosperous Armenia" party. Given the great interest and expectations, which have a place in relation to the party "Prosperous Armenia", after my speech, my colleagues in the party will present their views and approaches on key issues, elaborated on the main provisions of our election program.

Let's look at reality

Today we must ask ourselves - how is it that working outside of Armenia our compatriots are making significant progress in various spheres of life, become celebrities and prominent figures. How is it that an Armenian, emigrating to another country for a year or two manages to get on their feet, find jobs, create jobs, support their families, and in his native country, their homeland to do it all fails. There is one answer - the lack of appropriate environment and conditions. Therefore, we in this country are now faced with the challenge - to create the appropriate conditions, opportunities for working man will not think about emigration and will work in his own country and will be able to adequately provide for his family. The future of our young people needs to be build at home. Working people should not live in poverty, and if we can not resolve the question of employment, then we are forced to fight against poverty. Did we solve the most serious strategic problem in our country? I think not. But if we will not soon pick up system solutions to this issue, we will be forced to commit an even greater increase in poverty, a greater percentage of emigration.

Began in the 2008 economic crisis affected our country, as in all states. In almost all countries the government extended a hand to their businesses, especially small and medium entrepreneurs, villagers found the different support mechanisms to soften their position. Does Armenian businessman felt this help? I particularly want to highlight the small and medium-sized businesses, because if large business leaders can work out a time with no profit or even at the expense of working, for small and medium-sized businesses its turning to the question "To be or not to be". At least taking into consideration the problems of these people, the state must provide to small and middle-class tax and other incentives, to support.

A well-known truth that a small business - this is the environment in which large businesses birth and rise to their feet. This is the way to becoming

Small and medium enterprises also contributes to the formation of the middle class, therefore, in our election platform, we approved a plan for the next 5 years, have paid special attention to the development and mechanism of state care for small and medium businesses.
Fact that small and medium businesses have remained, in the truest sense of the word, abandoned. Much of the businesses were closed, the owners left the country. Environment and conditions needed to talented and gifted leaders who will represent our country could go ahead.

"Prosperous Armenia" coming with the new proposal: we must move from primary to human capital, from the benefits of which will benefit not selected ones, but the people at large. I myself have made progress in time ago from the first steps in business, I know well economic situation in our country, not in theory but mostly on practice. I'm confident I've been repeating that the old methods do not make serious progress. At the heart of our system changes should be the person has to become the main character. Hero of our country should not be official, but a man who creates for the benefit of our people.

Emigration. Dear party members, guests of the congress!

Quoting our great compatriot Charles Aznavour question of how to prevent the catastrophic process of emigration has a clear answer. If Armenian would work, if he can support his family, he will never leave home. The Armenian economy is in serious need of investment, foreign capital - it will give the opportunity to create new jobs. It is important not to disturb, not to create tax delays and obstacles for working people. This will improve the economic situation in the country, which, of course, will keep a person on his land, his birthplace.
We must not forget that the most powerful weapon of the country is living happily with dignity and a man who loves his homeland. Today, we must assume that the abrupt change in the economic situation in the country has become a national security issue.
Powerful state, growing economy, a prosperous family. This is our slogan, and we know how to achieve all this.

About tolerance to each other

One of the main slogans of "Prosperous Armenia" is the slogan of "Peace at home, peace in the borders". Success is seeking a country that manages to create in an atmosphere of harmony. In my speeches I have said many times that neither I nor any member of the "Prosperous Armenia" will not act in terms of hostility toward one or another party leader. Our main task is to create an atmosphere of harmony in the country, creating a culture of a civilized dispute. You must be able to listen to opinions and arguments of each other. We must not look for enemies domestically. I want to believe that after the parliamentary elections of May 6, we will feel more united, because I am sure that the task of bringing the country out of crisis rally the majority of political forces. I reiterate that in order to bring the country out of this situation, we need broad coalition.

And of course, about the upcoming parliamentary elections

Upcoming parliamentary elections should be held freely and fairly. We all understand that this election is a serious challenge to our country. What we need is not animosity, and the competitive environment. Never a problem was solved with the help of hostility. And will not be solved. The entire political field must unite around fair elections, and if we manage to create such an atmosphere, I assure you that our country will not have unsolvable problems. It depends on the upcoming elections, in which country we will continue to live, and this requires that the elections were fair. We need to trust the results that our citizens feel that their voice is preserved. With full responsibility I declare that we will do everything possible to protect voters and their rights. All the political forces that are ready to fight with us in the name of free and fair elections will be considered as the allies and partners. Most important task for all of us must be honest, transparent and fair parliamentary elections.
"Prosperous Armenia" will do everything to justify the faith and hope of our people. It is for us, especially for me, the biggest responsibility. I've always said that when a worker enters the political arena, he must be ready to take on responsibility to society and does not fail. We are never deceived peoples hope and will never do that. I thank you for your trust and support over the years. 

Be assured that we will meet your expectations, we are confident that we will have a prosperous Armenia, the dream of all.

Thank  you.