Brief History

"Prosperous Armenia" was created to serve the people, to provide a decent life for them and to bring its contribution to the prosperity of our motherland. Party members united around the ideas of liberty, justice, solidarity and patriotism. "Prosperous Armenia" was committed in the protection and propagation of these ideas.

The problems Armenia facing can be solved only if the case of union and cooperation of individuals and political forces who have trust of the people, who practice high-value, high purpose and noble ideas. In the political system "Prosperous Armenia" sees its purpose in this context, and acts from a position of civil cohesion and solidarity.

"Prosperous Armenia" party is civil concord. Guided by that well-known truth that the man is the highest value, the party has focused its activities on the implementation of the slogan "Next to man, by man for man."

"Prosperous Armenia" center-right political party, whose work is based on realism and common sense. Rejecting extremism, political opportunism and dogmatism, we will seek to substantially and in a reasonable manner to solve problems society facing. We believe that the most important guarantee of social development is the presence of the spiritual and moral value systems. 

Along with the desire to form a new value system professing democracy and liberalism, "Prosperous Armenia" party is a supporter of the preservation of national and traditional values, making the family, church and state the most important in this system of values. 

“Prosperous Armenia” promotes the development of pluralist, multi-party democracy and the rule of law in its international work. For example, we support democratic reform in the Caucasus, Russia, Central Asia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus.

“Prosperous Armenia” believes in maintaining strong ties with Armenia’s European neighbours in a way that respects the sovereignty of nation states and improves trading relationships.

On 5 March 2015 the 8th extraordinary congress of the PAP was held, during which Gagik Tsarukyan resigned as PAP leader announcing his resignation from big politics. Gagik Tsarukyan nominated Naira Zohtrabyan’s candidacy for the PAP leader. There were no other nominations. 169 delegates were participating at the congress; Naira Vahan Zohrabyan was elected the PAP leader with 168 for and 1 abstained votes.

After the congress a meeting of the PAP Political Council was held, where Vardan Vardanyan was elected Deputy Chair of the Party’s Political Council.

On 15 February 2014 the next 7the congress of the Prosperous Armenia Party was held. Representatives of all the 58 regional structures attended the congress. Items of the agenda were as follows: the PAP Political Council and Audit Committee Reports, elections of PAP Leader, Political Council, and Audit Committee.

Gagik Nikolay Tsarukyan was unanimously re-elected Party Leader. PAP leader came up with keynote address, in which he touched upon the most serious challenges that the country faces, the social-economic situation in Armenia, people’s problems.

According to the established procedure, PAP Political Council terminated its authorities. A new composition of the Political Council was elected comprised of 201 representatives.

After the congress the first meeting of the newly elected Political Council was held, during which 11 new committees of the PAP Political Council were created.

The 6th extraordinary congress of the Prosperous Armenia Party

On 17 March 2012 at Karen Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex the 6th extraordinary congress of the PAP was held. The RA President Serzh Sargsyan, Head of the RPA Faction Galust Sahakyan, Rule of Law Party Leader Artur Baghdasaryan, ARF members Hrant Margaryan and Armen Rustamyan, Heritage Party member Stepan Safaryan and other guests were invited to the congress. Vardan Vardanyan, Chair of the congress, PAP Political Council member, Minister of Urban Development, announced the only item on the agenda: approval of the PAP pre-election program for 6 May 2012 parliamentary elections. In his speech, PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan highlighted the upcoming parliamentary elections, noting that they should pass in the atmosphere of solidarity: free, fair and transparent.

Sergey Neverov, Head of delegation of the Yedinaya Rossiya Party, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma, welcomed the PAP congress participants. He noted that friendly relations had been established between PAP and Yedinaya Rossiya parties, whish should be intensified and developed. Neverov published RF State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov’s address. MP from the Party of Regions Vadim Kolesnichenko from the Ukrainian delegation delivered a speech, conveying Prime Minister Mykola Azarov’s address.

Former president of Croatia Stjepan Mesic, present Croatian People’s Party Leader, was also present at the congress. He expressed hope that elections will be held in the country in compliance with the European modern standards and all the RA political forces will realize its necessity.

The representative of the Chinese Communist Party Jiang Minvan took the floor.

On 12 February 2011 the 5th congress of the Prosperous Armenia Party was held. The RA President Serzh Sargsyan, PAP Coalition partners, as well as representatives of the ARF and Heritage Parties were the guests of the congress. The congress unanimously re-elected Gagik Tsarukyan PAP leader.

The 4th congress of the party was held on 12 February 2009. High ranking state officials and foreign guests welcomed the participants. Delegates to the congress unanimously re-elected Gagik Tsarukyan as PAP leader. 2 statements on Armenia’s inner-political situation and Nagorno Kharabakh conflict settlement were adopted. The PAP Political Council new composition /93 members/, as well as Audit Committee new composition were established.

The 3rd extraordinary congress was held on 15 February 2007. During the extraordinary congress Political Council report was discussed, new draft of Party’s new faction composition was endorsed. Gagik Tsarukyan was unanimously re-elected PAP leader. The congress also elected 35 members to the Party’s Political Council and 5 members to Audit Committee.

The 2nd congress was held on 13 May 2006. The party’s two-year activity was discussed; proposals on further plans and priorities were voiced.

The founding congress of the Prosperous Armenia Party was held on 30 April 2004, by which PAP’s 9-year-old activity launched.

The Party’s founder and leader is Gagik Tsarukyan.