How to become a member

Party members can be:

  • 18 years old Republic of Armenia citizens, as well as those individuals vested with the right to vote (without right to be elected as party leader and in audit structures) who accepts party’s platform and statute and are not member of another party.

Party members cannot be:

  • foreign citizens,
  • person without citizenship: with the exception of cases provided by the law,
  • those individuals, who, according to the RA law "On political parties", cannot become members of any political party.

Becoming party member is on voluntary basis, individual, according to personal request:

  • by the decision of party’s regional organization council,
  • by the decision of party’s political council,
  • to become a party member needed to apply to the municipal or regional organization of party according to the place of residence,
  • Party member is a member of some regional organization of the party and registered in this organization.