The 10th assembly of pan-russian “Prosperous Armenia” Party took place on November 20 in Moscow, Russian Federation. The delegations of political parties that had signed a treaty of cooperation with “Yedinaya Rossiya” were participating in the assembly in the status of guests. The delegation of “Prosperous Armenia” political board headed by their president Gagik Tsarukyan was also invited to the assembly of “Yedinaya Rossiya”.

Within the frames of the assembly the leaders of invited delegations participated in the round-table discussion of the topic “Global issues: the role of political parties in the crisis surmount”. Within the frames of the assembly the leader of “Prosperous Armenia” Party had a meeting with the Deputy Secretary General of “Yedinaya Rossiya” Konstantin Kosachyov. The latter considered the collaboration with “Prosperous Armenia” very valuable and important and revealed the serious role that “Prosperous Armenia” Party undertook in the inner and foreign policy of Armenia where that role is becoming more obvious and considerable. Konstantin Kosachyov welcomed Gagik Tsarukyan’s suggestion of having a joint roundtable meeting in spring of 2009 in Yerevan which will be devoted to the problems and prospectives of Armenian-Russian collaboration. The deputy secretary general of “Yedinaya Rossiya” also informed that they accepted Gagik Tsarukyan’s invitation and will participate in the 4th assembly of “Prosperous Armenia” political party taking place in February with the delegation of core Presidium board of “Yedinaya Rossiya”.

After the roundtable meeting the assembly of “Yedinaya Rossiya” was announced open at the “Gostinniy Dvor” complex. President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev greeted the presents after which Prime Minister Vladimir Putin presented the development plan till 2020 and talked about priorities of its accomplishment.

“Prosperous Armenia” Party delegation also had some meetings with the members of the Parliament of the Russian Federation as well as the representatives of several international delegations. All these meetings witnessed the fact that those entire present see a serious and trustworthy partner in “Prosperous Armenia”  Party and its president Gagik Tsarukyan and the Party’s role is becoming very considerable and effective.