Mr. Tsarukyan, how does “Prosperous Armenia” Party celebrate the Independence Day?

With very high mood. We have started the year very well. Today our party is represented in both NA and government.  We are the part of political coalition, that is, with our partners we have also taken the responsibility of state political authority. The state economy continues its development, and that means that more families get an opportunity to work and think about their future prosperous life. We have a tradition with our Party members,which is as follows: to associate with our people with the help of Mass Media.   Taking the opportunity I would like to congratulate your newspaper readers on the occasion of Independence Day and wish the best to them all.

What would you say about future plans of “Prosperous Armenia Party? In your opinion what expectations do the electors of your party have at this stage?

Our party has received more that 200 000 votes during National Assembly elections. It means that so many people trusted us and are expecting our promises to will be implemented. Our program was worth a very high value from both different serious specialists from foreign countries and also from our electors. It is not accidental that you will find much of our theses in one the most important documents of political coalition – state program.  Our political goals are very clear and I hope that our people are aware of them. Although our projects nowadays have problems in developing and deepening, several points from our projects are being implemented already now and it will be shown in coalition government particular steps and in many initiatives which are brought to National Assembly. For other points implementation long term is needed.

In any case we want our electors to be sure that our goal is to have better functioning laws.  Our party has no other goal but working for the prosperity of the people. Our deputies, ministers, all the officials will be accountable to our people and attentive towards their problems and needs.  

How do you see the future of Armenia? For the implementation of which outlook is your party operating?

–We see very good outlooks in for of us for our country. There is a clear view of what kind of republic will Armenia be from 5-10 years. All the members of our party worry about the general problems. But in the past, if each person was thinking about the future of our country separately and was looking for some way to share his anxiety with others then today we are a well organized political team, and the future of Armenia is everybody’s anxiety. 

Our political goal is to assist with everything we can in order to make our country prosperous. This is not only our political responsibility but also our goal. This anxiety promoted to create political coalition with Republican Party and collaborate with Armenian Revolutionary Federation. The coalition goals are well known and I am sure that we will turn them into reality together.

The 100th day of government activity has passed. How would you evaluate government work ?

–This is our government, which implements our common political program. We want people to continue trusting the political authority they have chosen and help the government to implement all the goals. Three ministers which are also the members of “Prosperous Armenia” Party are accountable to people.  We have put three issues in front of our ministers, to respect the citizens who turn to them and try to assist these people.  We consider the work with people as very important, because is not enough to deal in government without being anxious for them. 

The pre-electoral stage of presidential elections has already begun. I think that one of the most important points of these elections is anxiety for people needs and problems. By our political coalition we will put forward only one candidacy for presidential elections and I am sure our united candidate will be the leader in these elections. We will assist our candidate by our united efforts and that means that our electors will be certainly be on our side.  But I would prefer to speak about the elections a little later when we prosecute the fourth congress.  

Mr. Tsarukyan the significant occasion of the upcoming year is Beijing Olympics. How is our national team preparing for the important sport event?

You see that our athletes have shown very good results lately in many sports in high level competitions. All the conditions have been created for them, from the position of psychological preparedness and from the position of coaches.  National Olympic Committee and Ministry of sports and youth affairs will do everything for Armenia to gain medals during Beijing Olympics.

I think that our readers will be very interested to know how does your family celebrate the 21st of September.

–We celebrate it as every family does. There is dream to have a strong country in our minds, as well as a wish to see all our relatives and members of our family happy and healthy.  I will take part in the events of this holiday, will spend my day with my party members and political partners.