-Mr. Tsarukyan, having all you have today, can you say that you consider yourself a happy man?

-Yes, I am happy, I have considerable property which I earned owing to my hard work. I have healthy and well-to-do large family which I am very devoted to. I do everything for them, and my every acquisition in business sphere is for their stable future.

-Which of your business do you consider the most important?

-All my businesses are very important for me, although I must confess that my pride is Yerevan “Ararat” brandy-wine-vodka factory.  I have huge plans connected with this business.  Yerevan “Ararat” brandy-wine-vodka factory has a great significance for me as it is the most everlasting and valuable.  And, saying this, I don’t mean the income I get from that business. In fact that factory first of all gave me a chance to immortalize my family’s name in our history.  The owners and founders of this factory were such authoritative people that being their assignee can only be a pride for me.

-What do you think which are the most important values for Armenians?

-Armenian nation is one of the unique nations, which is really proud of its values. I would separate Ararat Mountain and Armenian cognac from these values. Yes, it is true, we have lost Ararat Mountain, but I assure that we will bring it back one day. It is very sad for me when my youngest son asks me, “Father, if Ararat Mountain is ours, then why can’t we climb on it?” I don’t know what to answer, but I truly hope, that one day I will have the answer to my son’s question.

-If you had a chance to buy Ararat Mountain, which part of your property would you be ready to provide for that?  

-The whole. Yes, I will certainly give my whole property, as I am sure, that by this step I will carry out the biggest dream of mine and of my nation. I will do everything in order to make Ararat Mountain, lost years before, again ours.

-In your opinion, is the aggressive politics always justified in business? Are you mainly guided by that principle?

-I don’t know what you mean by saying aggressive politics. Characterizing myself, I can definitely say that I orientate very fast in many questions that are of interest to me and I am always certain in my decisions. Perhaps, my resolution in business-steps makes an impression of aggressive politics. In fact it is called risk but certainly not aggressiveness. Generally, if you approach to any work with a feeling of fear you will never have success. That is to say, in case of not going forward towards anything by your certain steps, you will never have success, you will just have to survive somehow.   I bought Yerevan “Ararat” brandy-wine-vodka factory when it was already ruined long ago. I restored and enlarged it, chose the right strategy and the factory began its systematic work.  The result is obvious today, and you can be sure of that. Practically  I have done risky steps from the very beginning.

-What was of interest to you in politics?

-My parents have always been against my decision of getting involved in politics, but I am sure that being in politics I will be able to do more for my nation than being just a successful businessman. And today I am trying to assist people of my community with everything that is within my power.

-How do you evaluate the participation of our athletes in Olympic Games?

-You know yourselves the conditions of our sport schools in the past. Nobody has been seriously concerned about these schools for many years, there was no attention towards our athletes, and we had no medals. When I was elected as the president of Armenian National Olympic Committee, I had one very important goal- to create such conditions for the athletes which would promote their good trainings.  School reconstructions, attention towards the athletes and towards their success, different stipends and awards had their influence on propensity of Armenian sportsmen. They got excited, believed in their skills and understood that nothing is impossible.  The proof for that are 6 bronze medals gained by our athletes during Olympic Games. Yes, those are bronze medals but I am sure that their color will change during next Olympic Games. The important fact is that our athletes once more proved that our nation is very strong and can reach to very good results in short period of time.

-Whom must these results be ascribed to? To the athletes, to the president of Olympic Committee or to the committee itself?  

-These results are ascribed to everybody, because it will be impossible to reach anything by your own. Owing to the sequence of Olympic Committee president all the created conditions gave an opportunity to our sportsmen to discover their real skills. First of all, you must give a chance to those people and only after that you can demand something from them. Our sportsmen really worked very hard during this short period of time.  They went for those Olympic Games with strong faith and what’s the most important, they didn’t disappoint us.

-The most impressive moment from the Olympic Games when Gagik Tsarukayn was really affected.

-I got affected when the weightlifter Ara, whose leg was hurt, tried to lift the weight because he wanted to justify our expectations.  Perhaps you saw that he was crying, but not because of the pain, because of what happened. He told his coach to forgive him, his defeat. I got shuddered when I saw how affected he was.

-What can we expect from 2012 London Olympics?

-If we were able to have such results in 2 years, then working and liquidating all the shortcomings with such enthusiasm will bring us to the maximum, which seemed impossible few years ago.  We will have more participants and of course more medals during next Olympics.

-Did you go to Beijing?

-Yes, by all means.

-And where did Gagik Tsarukyan spend this summer holidays?

-Generally I like to spend my holidays in France. My travel way is usually as follows: Monaco, Sardine, Nice, Cannes. I like to go to different towns on board the ship with my family. But this time I left my holiday incomplete because I was supposed to leave for Beijing.

-What meaning does hunting have for you?

-It is my hobby. I am looking forward to hunting season. I went to Africa this year, where there are perfect conditions for hunting, wonderful nature. The best season for hunting is August 20 up to January. If I have just little free time for hunting during that period I certainly use that opportunity.