Armenian delegation member to launch legal process against PACE President



After Pedro Agramunt was elected President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) I either don’t get the right to speak or get it almost at the expense of my life.

Member of the Armenian delegation to PACE, Naira Zohrabyan told the aforementioned to Armenian News –

“Once the registration for speeches begins, I immediately register, but I am always the last to speak. Pedro Agramunt told [head of the Armenian delegation to PACE] Hermine Naghdalyan that he doesn’t like my lexicon. Moreover, when during the previous session I called the Azeris who slaughtered Armenian servicemen during the April war ‘biped’ animals,   this turned out to have again hurt Agramunt’s subtle feelings, and he removed that part of my speech from the official PACE website, although he had no right to do so,” Zohrabyan said.

In her words, Agramunt grossly violates the PACE regulation and subjects to censorship the speeches of the deputies. “I am launching a specific legal process against Agramunt for his illegal actions against me. In fact, Pedro Agramunt informed the Armenian Ambassador to France through a third person that he seriously holds it against my personality and my speeches,” Zohrabyan said.