The Announcement of the PAP Political Council


Today the extended session of the Political council of the PAP discussed the return of the  founding President Gagik Tsarukyan into active politics and  adopted an announcement .


The announcement of the PAP Political Council 

The PAP Political Council 

Taking into consideration the demands and needs of tens of thousands of our compatriots from many regions of the country and Yerevan,   

Taking into consideration the necessity of ensuring a large socio-political  consolidation in our country, that is possible to be made by Gagik Tsarukyan  who bears the unconditional support and  trust of people,

Taking into consideration the imperative of  solving the domestic and foreign serious challenges by solely a large consolidation,  

Taking into consideration that after Tsarukyan left the active politics no other political figure  or party was able to solve the problem of the so necessary large consolidation,

The Political Council of the PAP on behalf of tens of thousands citizens applies to  PAP Founder President Gagik Tsaroukyan to discuss his return into active politics and the matter of solving  the problems of our country by consolidation  and with the support of people.

PAP Political Council