28th of january is one of the most important dates of our long-standing history

Dear compatriots,
Today is the 31st anniversary of the formation of the Armenian Army. This is one of the most important dates of our long-standing history and statehood.
The Armenian people, who for centuries have given many heroes, generals and marshals to the defense of other countries, created their own army, which has been the pillar of our statehood for 31 years. Our army has had glorious victories and a heroic history. We have had painful losses and experienced hard times.
Since 2020 many selfless soldiers of the Armenian Army sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty and peace of our state in the wars unleashed against Artsakh and Armenia.
Eternal glory and homage to their immortal memory!
And today, in these hard times, in a world full of geopolitical tensions, the security and inviolability of our borders is maintained by the Armenian Army. And the duty of all of us is to stand by our army.
The Armenian Army needs the solitude of the entire nation, keeping at all times the issues relating to army-building in the center of our attention. It is of paramount importance to realize that the security of the state should not be solely left on the the army. A real security can be provided by a combative army, an effective state administration, a developing economy, a united society and a true cooperation with strong allies.
I especially want to congratulate the soldiers, officers and all the servicemen standing at the borders and guarding the peace of our country as well as the parents who are praying for their sons day and night. I wish you a safe military service and a welcome back home. Let it be peace and inviolability at the borders of our motherland!
God bless us all …