On November 17 on the occasion of international student day the hall of “Moscow” cinema was very full. “Prosperous Armenia” Party was celebrating international student day.  Members of “Prosperous Armenia” Youth and sports commission, members of PAP Political council, many students from different universities, government representatives as well as students who had a chance to continue studying in universities owing to “Gagik Tsarukyan” charitable fund were present at this event.

“You all know that our party program touched upon the question of youth problems in detail and specified everything that must be done towards these problems for further years. We have stated the necessity of having an economy and public management based on education”, - mentioned Gagik Tsarukyan in his speech addressed to the students. He also assured,-“The times when economy was build on spades and hammers have already passed. Today the world is moving forward owing to technology based on latest achievements in science.”

“Gagik Tsarukyan” charitable fund paid the education fee of more than 1000 students and as PAP leader has promised, this work will be continuous. “There should be no tears in the eyes of those who are smart, who have a great aspiration for studying but cannot afford it”, summarized Mr. Tsarukyan in his speech.

Student buses which were provided by means of PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan, throughout several years come to Yerevan universities from many RA regions which take thousands of students to their universities and back home. Mr. Tsarukyan stated that students who will win the first three places in republican and international Olympics will also be awarded. “I have said about that and now I am assuring that fact again – all young boys and girls who have an aspiration for studying will have that opportunity. Each person should participate in the work of making our country prosperous to the extent of his knowledge”, mentioned PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan in his speech. 

After Mr. Tsarukyan’s speech a film was shown about the establishment and activities of “Prosperous Armenia” Party. The last part of this event organized by “Prosperous Armenia” Party on the occasion of international student day was devoted to awards. The minister of RA sports and youth affairs, member of “Prosperous Armenia” Political Council Armen Grigoryan gave diplomas and music centers to active members of PAP youth and sports commission.