Prosperous Armenia: I wish forthcoming parliamentary elections were not the worst
  YEREVAN. – Head of Prosperous Armenia party Naira Zohrabyan wishes that the parliamentary elections were not the worst in history. I've heard, that we will not have a fight of ideas, but a fight of sleazes and low blows. Therefore, before the election campaigns start, Prosperous Armenia will...
Corruption in PACE not something new – Armenian MP
Crying facts of dozens of PACE officials being corrupt are not new, Armenian MP Naira Zohrabyan, a member of the Armenian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), told   Not only PACE delegates, but also PACE President Pedro Agramunt are among them...
The Announcement of the PAP Political Council
Today the extended session of the Political council of the PAP discussed the return of the  founding President Gagik Tsarukyan into active politics and  adopted an announcement .   The announcement of the PAP Political Council  The PAP Political Council  Taking into consideration the demands and...
Most of the Citizens Will Vote for the RPA and PAP
  The director of «GALLUP International association» - Armenia Office Aram Navasardyan during a press conference said that according to recent polls, a majority of citizens expressed their desire to participate in  2017 Armenia's parliamentary elections preferring to vote for the  "Prosperous...
Who are the Politicians in Opposition According to the Public Opinion
 November 2-16  the «GALLUP International association» tried to find out which politicians are publicly perceived as an opposition, a 1-5 point scale was used , where 1 means not at all in opposition, 5- entirely in opposition. Company Director Aram Navasardyan said at a press conference held...
TV RAI reveals the argument between the PACE President Agramunt and the Armenian Deputies
  Italian famous ՝  TV  RAI made a 55 minutes documentary telling about the scandalous trial of the  PACE former vice president, honorary chairman of the EPP Group in PACE Luca Volonte.  Milan prosecutor's office  filled in a criminal case against Volonte that accused him of taking a bribe of  2....
PAP President Naira Zohrabyan awarded the youth
        Today PAP President  Naira Zohrabyan  awarded several young members of the party with Certificates of Honor and monetary awards. In her speech PAP President mentioned about the importance of lifelong learning, sustainably developing scientific thought and the youth competence. The party is...
“The Fines for the brazen puppies of the officials and oligarchies must be multiplied by thousands” Naira Zohrabyan
PAP (Prosperous Armenia Party )Leader Naira Zohrabyan thinks that the “nationalization” of the “red lines”, price reduction of airport services, gas, electricity is a pre-election step; she believes that the authorities could have done these reforms earlier but there was no political expedience...
Tsarukyan on returning to Armenia politics: If need be, folded page could open
    YEREVAN. – Prosperous Armenia Party former Chairman, tycoon Gagik Tsarukyan, did not rule out the possibility of his returning to active politics. “I closed the chapter of politics two years ago, but I stand with my people,” Tsarukyan on Wednesday told reporters. “But if need be today, if the...
Armenian delegation member to launch legal process against PACE President
  After Pedro Agramunt was elected President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) I either don’t get the right to speak or get it almost at the expense of my life. Member of the Armenian delegation to PACE, Naira Zohrabyan told the aforementioned to Armenian News –